Argon-Beamer System

In argon plasma surgery, argon gas is ionized through high frequency current. This creates conductive plasma. The result is extremely homogeneous, flexible and surface coagulation. During application, the argon beam also turns to bleeding, not yet coagulated tissue regions. This process encourages rapid hemostasis which particularly essential in case of diffuse bleeding.

Working principle : Argon Beamer

The HF current (high-voltage Spray Coag) ionizes the argon-gas atmosphere, thus producing conductive argon plasma

Advantages :-

Reliable coagulation with little traumatization (of tissue or organ concerned)

Lower blood loss plus shorter operating times

No vaporization and low penetration depth (0.5 to max 3 mm), therefore substantially reduced perforation risk

No carbonization, therefore faster wound healing

Significantly reduced smoke/plume development, therefore better view of the surgical site

Non-contact procedure; prevents electrode incrustation

Less bronchopleural fistulas caused on lung parenchyma

In conjunction with our maXium® smart Line the future-oriented beamer system serves to provide efficient hemostasis and can be used in a number of ways.

When performing surgeries with the maXium® Beamer, tissue carbonization is reduced and the wound healing process thus accelerated. Due to the low penetration depth, the risk of perforations is significantly reduced as well.