Wireless pH Capsule

Wireless pH Capsule

As the choices for diagnosing GERD proliferates, it can be really challenging to choose the right steps for clear diagnosis.

For extend, up to 96 hours of monitoring and patient comfort, choose Wireless pH Capsule to give your patient best experience and record progressions in 4 days.


Compact Design

Our capsule is one of the smallest in product volume in the competition, with the measurement of only 6.0*5.5*26.5mm and weights just 1.4 grams. The capsule support recording up to 96 hours data.

Intermission and Transmission

Sampling is fast and accurate (Every 3 Seconds), with double data protection. The transmission can be achieved within 3 meters, providing more comfort for patients. Supports USB for high-speed data download.


Our new Wireless pH Capsule System is a combination of technical advancement and improved patient comfort. This newly design recorder fits easily into patients’ routine.


The wireless pH capsule is delivered above the LES with a conveyor, then firmly attached to the mucosa via vacuum suction. The recording can last up to 96 hours. Data will be collected by the recorder through wireless transmission. The capsule will naturally drop from the mucosa and be excreted out.

Step 1

Deliver the capsule to 5 cm above the LES with they conveyor.

Step 2

Attach the capsule by applying vacuum suction

Step 3

Fix the capsule to the mucosa

Step 4

Release the capsule and extract the conveyor

Step 5

Capsule releases recording for up to 96 hours

Step 6

Capsule will drop out from the esophagus.

Data Analysis Software

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