We have expertise in South Asia/ India, South East Asia and Australia/ NZ hence if you plan to launch your company or Products here then we can help .

We have reach in all countries in APAC. We know Doctors, Procurement heads, Hospitals, regulatory authorities We can sell your products or just give you a plan

We can offer you the following to get you started in these countries

Feasibility Study

Conducting Indepth Market surveys is our core strength. Companies need to understand the local climate in countries and then launch products

We offer

Complete market research – Market size, Analytics

Consumer behaviour analysis

Competition analysis

Launch plan and strategy

Regulatory support

We understand the regulatory climate in countries having registered companies and products repeatedly. This environment is ever changing especially in India, SEA at the moment and hence expert advise is needed to stay ahead

We can get you the regulatory approvals.

We can keep you updated on the changing norms

We can offer to hold the regulatory approvals/ licences on your behalf in these countries

We can be your importer and warehouse in these countries enabling you to stay in control

Logistics and Go to Market Proposal

We have the expertise of having launched numerous brands. We have created perfect Go To Market plan repeatedly hence we offer the following

We can import and invoice on your behalf to your distributors.

We can identify the right partners for you

We can identify the right segment for you

We can get you vendor approvals and registrations in countries and within countries

Distribution of your products

Be it Equipment, devices or pharma , we have the expertise and skill to distribute stocks to the Government or the corporate / Private hospitals .

We represent many Global Brands and keen to add more products which add synergy to our portfolio.