Our range of hydrogen breath test monitors,
helping to detect gastrointestinal disorders,
one breath at a time.


GastroCH4ECK hydrogen and methane breath test monitor

Portable breath methane, hydrogen and oxygen monitor to aid in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders.

What is it?

Helping detect gastrointestinal disorders, the GastroCH4ECK® is the newest member of the Gastrolyzer® family. It is a portable breath analysis monitor that measures accurate and real-time combined CH4, H2 and O2. This monitor is intended for multi-patient use by healthcare professionals in a clinical environment.

Why is it important?

The monitor provides accurate and real-time combined CH4, H2 and O2 monitoring.

The GastroCH4ECK® is a portable breath CH4, H2 and Omonitor that helps health professionals to accurately detect a range of gastrointestinal disorders. An O2 reading is taken to motivate patients into providing an end-tidal sample. If they are unable to do this the GastroCH4ECK® will automatically correct the reading saving the patient from embarrassment and having to carry out another test.

A percentage of patients do not produce hydrogen and therefore would not be diagnosed by the use of hydrogen breath testing (HBT) alone. Therefore the role of methane is to ensure that patients who are non-hydrogen producers, but produce methane instead, are not miss-diagnosed.

Most monitors measure hydrogen alone, which identifies less than 50% of sufferers2 . Methane is detected in 30%-50% of the healthy adult population worldwide3

Why GastroCH4ECK®?

The GastroCH4ECK® can be used to help detect the following disorders:

Lactose intolerance 
Fructose intolerance 
Glucose intolerance
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgth (SIBO)

"If you are serious about providing a Gold Standard breath testing service, the Bedfont® GastroCH4ECK® system is essential, as without methane monitoring you will be missing very important clinical information and increase your percentage of false negative tests. It is also very important to map patients symptoms prior to and during the test to make sure the clinical translation of the physiological findings are maximised."

Dr Anthony Hobson from the Functional Gut Clinic

Benefits for the user

The monitor provides hydrogen and methane breath sampling with instant results.

The breath bag sampling options allows for simultaneous testing of larger groups or remote testing for patients who cannot provide samples directly in person.

The monitor only requires calibration once per month, saving precious time and calibration gas costs.

The monitor has a fast warm up time of less than 30 minutes.

The monitor provides O2 correction for accurate results.

There is a real-time traffic light dial and smiley face system to motivate patients and indicate how the test is going.

The consumables contain anti-bacterial filters for optimum infection control.

GastroCH4ECK® Gastrolyzer® Hydrogen and Methane Test Images

Our GastroCH4ECK® Gastrolyzer® hydrogen and methane breath monitor, to aid in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders. 


'How-to' use the GastroCH4ECK® Gastrolyzer®

How to use the GastroCH4ECK® Gastrolyzer®, including direct breath testing, remote breath bag sampling, breath bag sample collecting, face mask sample collecting and calibration.


The latest literature for the GastroCH4ECK® Gastrolyzer®.

GastroCH4ECK® consumables

GastroCH4ECK® mouthpieces

The GastroCH4ECK® breath sample mouthpiece enables patients to exhale directly into the monitor to get instant results. The mouthpiece itself is specifically designed with integrated filtration to remove: >99% of airborne bacteria, >96% of viruses and any moisture from the patient’s breath4. Mouthpieces are single patient use only.

Moisture removal filters

For use with the breath bag sampling mode. These will last for approximatley 150 samples and need to be changed when the filter changes from orange to dark green.

GastroCH4ECK® breath bags

Specifically designed to capture as much end-tidal air as possible, with a one-way mouthpiece to prevent loss of sample. GastroCH4ECK® breath bags are 'one patient per use' so can be used for the duration of a patient's testing procedure and then disposed of.

Cleaning wipes

Free from alcohol to ensure continued performance of your monitor. Products containing alcohol cannot be used on any of the Gastrolyzer® range. Pack of 50 wipes.

GastroCH4ECK® calibration kit

GastroCH4ECK® requires calibration once per month using 100ppm H2, 100ppm CH4 & 20.9% air provided as a kit or replacement cylinder.

Technical specification

Concentration range
CH4 0-200pm; H2 0-200ppm; O2 14-23%
230V/100V, 50Hz-60Hz, 0.5-1.0A
T 3.15 AH
Start-up time
≤2 minutes
Calibration frequency
Every 4 weeks
Full colour touchscreen
Detection principle
Electrochemical sensor (O2 & H2); Laser (CH4)
Accuracy: CH4
Resolution: 1ppm; Accuracy: ±10% of reading; Repeatability: <5% difference on consecutive readings
Accuracy: H2
Resolution: 1ppm; Accuracy: ±10% of reading; Repeatability: <5% difference on consecutive readings
Accuracy: O2
Resolution: 0.1%; Accuracy: ±10% of reading; Repeatability:
CO cross sensitivity (H2 only)
Temperature range
Operating: 15-35°C (59-95°F); Storage: 0-40°C (32-104°F)
Pressure range
Operating: 912-1114mbar; Storage: 912-1114mbar
Humidity range
Operating: 30-75% RH (non-condensing); Storage: 15-90% RH (non-condensing)
Sensor operating life
CH4 5 years; H2 2 years; O2 2 years
Approx. 474 x 310 x 135mm
Approx. 8.5kg
Monitor construction
Case: aluminium
Class I ME equipment: (externally powered) Type BF applied part; Method of sterilisation (not suitable for sterilisation); Not suitable for use in an oxygen rich environment; Intended for continuous use
Response time
≤45 seconds
2 years
CH4, H2 & O2 sensors: 1 year