Esophageal Stent


Hanarostent® TTS Application allows you to perform accurate & easy stenting under endoscopic visualization during the procedure and enhances the procedure to palliate obstructive symptoms for patients with luminal narrowing stricture.

Indications for use (Intended use)

The Covered Esophagus Stent is used for application in palliative treatment of esophageal stricture and/or trachea-esophageal fistula caused by malignant tumors.

Product Overview

Procedure Comparison

Endoscopy → Guide-wire → Delivery Device → Stent Deployment → Remove at once Endoscopy → Guide-wire → Endoscopy remove → Delivery Device → (Endoscopy, Sheath, Catheter) → Stent Deployment → Remove all from the patient
- Rapid clinical procedure - Minimized exposure of radiation - 10.5Fr(3.5mm) profile introducer - Frequent in-out of Endoscopy - More exposure of radiation than TTS procedure - 18Fr / 24Fr (6mm / 8mm) profile introducer
Yellow marker on Delivery Device, Partially covered stent, Lassos
Yellow marker on Delivery Device Partially covered stent Lassos
The Endoscopic Transition Zone is designed to aid in stent placement accuracy when deployed using endoscopic visualization Partially covered may assist in anchoring the stent to help prevent migrationUp to 20mm Diameter is available in partially covered stent Repositioning and/or retrievalThe fully covered stent may be reconstrained up to 75% of deployment and 2 times during the initial stent placement procedure.



Stent(mm), Delivery Device
Stent(mm) Delivery Device
Diameter Usable Length* Total Length Length(mm) Diameter(mm/fr)
EPBA-18-060-180 26-18-26 20 60 1800 3.5/10.5
EPBA-18-150-180 110 150 1800 3.5/10.5
EPBA-20-060-180 26-20-26 20 60 1800 3.5/10.5
EPBA-20-150-180 110 150 1800 3.5/10.5


Eun Jeong Gong, MD, Do Hoon Kim, MD. Endoscopic stenting for advanced gastric cancer involving esophagogastric junction. epartment of Gastroenterology, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea_Case report

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※Sizing and availability varies by country

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